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The Sleep Settling Guide

The Sleep Settling Guide


Learn how to settle your baby to sleep without leaving them to cry. 


This guide is for you if you're a parent struggling with :

  • Your baby waking every 1-2 hours at night 

  • Your baby always needing to feed, rock or hold to sleep

  • Your baby's bedtimes taking hours, and then is awake after 1-2 hours 


The guide is a step by step guide giving you several different gentle sleep settling methods, that will help teach your baby how to settle your baby to sleep more independently without leaving them to cry.  

Once you purchase, The Sleep setting guide you will be have instant access.  And you can even start using the sleep plan tonight.

BONUS - When you buy the guide you also have access to the routine guide too (Value £7)

If you have any issues with your purchase please don't hesitate to contact me,


The sleep settling guide is suitable for babies & toddlers from 4 months - 3 years old

  • This product should not be copied, reproduced or distributed ever. This product was created with love to help as mamy parents as possible and I appreciate and value everyone that buys this product from me. 

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