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Signs your baby may have colic & how to help your baby

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Colic is really common and stats say it affects as many as 1 in 4 babies. It can be really hard when your baby has colic, so Iv'e included some things that you can try to help ease colic for your baby

Here are some common colic signs -

The crying of a colicky baby is often high-pitched, grating, and piercing, even compared to normal infant crying

  • Neither food nor attention can stop it.

  • The crying goes on for at least an hour, and sometimes as long as 4 hours.

  • It often starts at the same time each day, usually late afternoon or early evening

  • Sometimes, the baby passes gas or a stool shortly before or after calming down.

  • Colic is generally at its worst around the age of 4 to 6 weeks

Some things you can try that can help a colicky baby -

  • Swaddle the baby in a soft blanket.

  • Hold the baby more often during the day, even when the baby isn't crying.

  • Rock the baby gently.

  • Give the baby a warm bath

  • Burp the baby more often during and after feeds

  • Make sure the baby is sitting up when feeding. This reduces the amount of air swallowed.

  • Use the "colic carry" to hold your baby. Place the baby face down along your arm, with the chin in the palm of your hand and the legs straddling your inner elbow. Walk around the house a bit.

  • Take the baby out for a walk or a drive.

If your baby's colic crying is causing you stress & anxiety, help and support is a phone call or visit away.

We offer a number of support options for helping you manage colic


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