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Newborn sleep needs

Congratulations your baby is here !

Now you must be thinking will my baby ever sleep longer than a few hours?

The answer is YES

But it will take 6-8 weeks for your baby get used to day and night. Frequent night waking is VERY normal in the first few months but I promise it does get easier after a few months

Here are some newborn sleep tips -

  1. Get to know your baby

  2. Rest, rest & rest MORE

  3. Don't do too much

  4. Know that your baby's sleep will get better

  5. Your baby is adjusting to life out of the womb

  6. You baby needs lots of cuddles

  7. Your baby needs lots of feeds

  8. Your baby needs lots of nappy changes

9. If your breastfeeding it might be easier for others to settle your baby than you - THIS is NORMAL

10. Enjoy your newborn as much as you can

Natalie x


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